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Our Products

Roof Razor was designed to ease the task of removing roof covering materials such as shingles, shakes, slate, rolled roofing, nails, staples and various securing fasteners.

There are two Roof Razor models designed to make the operator safer and more productive under all conditions.

36" Sit Down

The 36" Sit Down has been designed to remove material on a steep pitch roof. Keeps the operator in a 3 point safe position while removing roof coverings. Allows roofer to complete the job without having to get close to the edge of the roof. This tool is also good for caps, valleys and tight areas and has the same lifting force as the 50" Stand Up.

Roof Razor Images Showing Sit Down and Stand Up Models

50" Stand Up

The 50" Stand Up has been engineered to remove roofing material on flatter and less steep pitched roofs. It has been designed so the operator does not have to operate in a bent over, unsafe and off balanced position.


 Safety harness is recommended (not included)


Technical Data

Lifting Force ... 425lbs @ 100psi
Air Usage ... 4cfm
Operating Pressure ... 70-120psi
Max Pressure ... 150psi
Weight ... 11-19lbs depending on model


Roof Razor is Made In USA

Roof Razor by Klai Enterprises, Inc. USA

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